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The site looks great now and her design improved its overall look and function. I highly recommend her work!

Yemisi Wilson


Carolyn is a web designer with a rare gift: a great aesthetic sense, without compromising the functionality and usability of the pages
Olga Lari


She’s always improving her experience in graphics and web design. You couldn’t find anyone better!

Leonardo Gasperetti


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Happy Clients

We love to hear about our clients' success stories! "Carolyn went to great lengths to listen to our needs and offer on-target advice and beautiful design work. She took the time to truly understand our brand and our goals and her designs reflected that understanding. She was very responsive and a true pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!"
-Julie Norton


Color Inspiration
Saul Bass album cover for "Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color", 1956. The album was a limited edition release in which Sinatra and composer friends produced pieces of music based on color-themed poems by Norman Sickel. needless to say, the design and the music were a huge success, and the critics gave it rave reviews!