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Examples of recent websites design projects, offering a wide market range. We take pride in our work, although some sites are now updated and managed by clients and may not reflect the initial build, we set them on a good path. Have any questions or want to schedule a free consultation?

Royal Roofing and Construction

From DIY Wix site to a custom site
ranking on Google!

To strengthen their online presence, we focused on creating a cohesive user experience with tailored service pages to improve search engine visibility. By applying effective conversion strategies, I boosted user engagement with strategically placed call-to-action, led to a significant increase in traffic, conversions & overall business growth.

A laptop, tablet, and smartphone showcasing the Byrdview website design in North Bethesda, Maryland, with the headline "Elevate Your Home With the Roof It Deserves." The site features images of happy families in front of homes and maintains consistent green and white branding across devices.

Yemisi Wilson

Redesigned from a static outdated site
to an optimized, modern showcase.

Website redesign, copywriting, hosting, &  Care Package. Aiming to simplify her website and make it easier to update. The result is a website that showcases her work & is automatically updated directly from her Instagram feed.

Olga Lari

Naturopath, Yoga and Wellness

The objective was to convey the harmony of body, mind, and soul, through Naturopathy, Wellness, and the regenerative power of yoga. I crafted an integrated package of Brand Identity, encompassing Logo Design, Copywriting, Color Story, and visual language.


All about New Orleans Beignets

Famous for being a doughnut without a hole. Pillowy, and light, with mounds of powdered sugar on top, These time-honored rectangular treats are as New Orleans as Mardi Gras!

Mosaic Communications

Award-Winning Advertising

An award-winning television, digital-first, and radio advertising that always advances a candidate’s strategic objectives. The mood is for non-traditional, creative, &  production partners to create fresh, authentic, and compelling advertisements. I was responsible for the UX/UI, in keeping with the Brand. 

Loon Juice

Landing Page Website

This is a one-page website with internal links instead of multiple pages. A landing page website is an inexpensive starter pack for a small budget, that can eventually be expanded to a full-scale website.

Italian Bike Shop

Aliverti Bike, a premier Bike Repair and store is located in Pietrasanta, Italy. Owned and run by Fiorenzo Aliverti, an accomplished former professional racing cyclist from Italy, who not only sells and repairs bikes but also builds custom ones! 

Web | Brand ID

More than just a website, we can craft a custom logo and your very own brand ID. If we build it, they will come!


Search engine optimization, a valuable marketing tool, driving potential clients to your website and get’s you noticed.


Keeping your website up-to-date & running smoothly, performing optimally, regularly updating content & fixing any broken links.

Color Inspiration
Saul Bass album cover for “Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color”, 1956. The album was a limited edition release in which Sinatra and composer friends produced pieces of music based on color-themed poems by Norman Sickel.

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